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Serving you the Hottest in Hip Hop & R&B

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Serving you the Hottest in Hip Hop & R&B

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The Friday Flex is your early morning power mix of banging Hip Hop/R&B to prepare and energize you for the start of  your work day. For 60 minutes, DJ Special J will be serving you some of the hottest Hip Hop and R&B tracks from around the world. This isn't your traditional mixshow, good music only, from old school to new school, he plays it all on the Midday Special. Come get your musical fix right here every day with "The People's DJ", DJ Special J.

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DJ Special J has always had a major love and passion for Hip Hop. When he was younger he would sing along with all the latest songs, as most children do, and was big into hip-hop dancing throughout high school. He has a big appreciation and small talent in graffiti art. It was when he met his longtime friend Misfit Tone, Antonio Bennet, that he had is first exposure to the art of djing.

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