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Who is DJ Kuya Eric?

Kuya Eric is a culmination of his experience and tenure in the nightlife scene of San Diego, California. A graduation of being the little brother trying to make a name for himself, until finally becoming the big brother everyone begins to know and slowly admire.

Kuya Eric has been relentless in his 8-year pursuit of his “why” in the music industry. From holding his weekly nightclub residency at Atomic on Sunday’s to traveling beyond his known borders to Lisbon Portugal to make sure the dance floor stayed groovy at a wedding, Kuya Eric has been keen to keep evolving as a DJ. Drawing his musical musings and depth from the G.O.A.T’s such as The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff, the Eccentric sounds DJ Craze, and the visionary ATRAK, Kuya Eric has a library full of depth, passion, and hype and may take you to a place you may not have dreamed of visiting again, or to inspire you to reach for a little bit more from yourself, whether that be in life, love, and your general pursuit of happiness. Kuya Eric strives to connect with his audience through the music, if you’re not looking to have a good time and let the music take you somewhere new or old, he’s not the guy for you, but he’s still going to welcome you to the party when you decide to.

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