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Ryan Boyd (DJ Bangz214) Has always had the love and passion for Music. Growing up he always wanted to do something that involved Music while growing up in Dallas, TX. In 2015, The opportunity of Djing came his way in Doha, Qatar and has been his lover ever since. He is an open format DJ, but has the heart for Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggaton music. As a prior member of the United States Air Force, DJ Bangz214 took many opportunities as a DJ worldwide to build him to be the DJ he is today. He finds extreme happiness in making others have a good time. From small crowds to large crowds, DJ Bangz214 thrives off of the success of “Good Times”.


DJ Bangz214 is located in Los Angeles County, California and has been a part of many events and venues throughout Southern California, and the world. His energy and skills set him apart from others and has gained him the success that he currently has.

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